Welcome to gail leondar public relations

In 1992, glpr began introducing progressive authors to thoughtful, well-informed media people and their audiences across the country. Having promoted over 600 books, glpr continues to help authors in their efforts to gain meaningful public attention for their books, and to participate in a dialogue that might make for a more just and peaceful world.

Read on to find out more about glpr and, most importantly, to get a glimpse into what others — authors, publishers, media professionals — have to say about their experiences with glpr.

glpr's beginnings

In the early 1990s, it just so happened that Gail Leondar-Wright had a number of friends who had written serious books. They were surprised to learn how little their publishers were doing to support those books — which had important things to say but were not destined to become best sellers. Gail began setting up author tours and scheduling radio and television interviews for these friends. Through word of mouth, other left-leaning authors began asking Gail to help them promote their newly published work.